Wednesday, November 1, 2006


LASIK surgery, if you don't know what it is, well it's when they burn your eyes with Lasers in hopes that you will be able to see better afterwards. I just recently had this done. I was told by many many people that it was a breeze, and you would be able to see the moment you got out of the building. They said you would be light shy for a while but other than that you would be great.



It has been one week since I had it done; my vision is almost back to 100 percent. I still have to put some drops in my eyes that make it hard for me to focus. Tomorrow I stop taking those drops so I hope that my vision will be great. The surgery itself kind of sucked, but I suppose as surgeries go it was pretty easy. They put this clamp on your eye, and tighten it up so that you can't close your eye. Kind of hurts, then they put this suction cup thing on your eyeball, and then cut the top layer off of your eye. They pull that back and they begin burning your eye with the laser. It's a bit unnerving when you realize you can smell your eyeball burning. Smells kind of like burnt flesh. When I stood up from the LASIK, It looked like someone had put a sheet of that really thick plastic in front of me. I couldn't see very well at all. The rest of that day my eyes hurt, but the next day they felt pretty good, and now they feel really good.


The bad thing for me is my eyes were so bad they have already told me that I would need to come back in and have this done again. I guess if your adjustment is too high, it will require a touch up surgery to make sure you don't need glasses again.


  1. Congrats!  I heard that surgery is great.  If you have to go back, oh well, it will be worth it!  I had a evaluation done to see if it would work for me.  Without my glasses I\'m legally blind.  When they do eye exams they have to bring in an attachment to the focus thing because the ones typically used aren\'t strong enough.  But the surgery only works for people who are near or far sighted I guess.  I am neither.  I have an exceptionally high astigmatism and it doesn\'t work for that.  Its a good thing I like my glasses.  When I first get glasses they can correct my vision to 20/10.  But that only lasts for about six months.  It changes really fast.  The positive is that the way to keep it okay is to just continually change the shape of my frames.  I\'ll never have coke bottles.  Just oval eyes.  But if I ever get my glasses knocked off I\'m screwed.  : )  Okay, enough about me... Technology is a great thing!  Yeah!  I\'m so happy you did it!!

  2. Hey MadDog,  I don\'t think I ever want to have that Lasik surgery.  I have to tell you that the video you have of the drunken lawnmower driver.  It happened in the county next to mine and the 2 officers in the video are friends of mine.  I remember when one of them told me about this, I thought he was a liar (ha ha) but he showed me the video tape and I had the best laugh ever!  Thanks for posting something that will give us all a good laugh.  Take care!