Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Area: Leavenworth, KS
Companion: Elder Staheli
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Elder Kenneth Jensen
Missouri Independence Mission
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Independence, MO 64050
This week has been pretty interesting. Monday we drove up to Olathe for our last P-day of the transfer. Then we had dinner with the Pattons and said goodbye to them. They are an
awesome family. Then we had another really great lesson with Matt about repentance.

Tuesday we had another lesson with Matt and he helped us tie a mattress and box spring to the top of a mini van and drive it over to the Hannons. Then we had dinner with the Hannons. They were my first meal in Chanute so they fed us the same thing as they did the first time. Matt has decided to give every missionary a car part when they leave, so he gave me a waste gate which apparently controls the turbo so that was cool I put it on my study desk. We also learned for sure that I was getting transferred that night.

Wednesday was fun, it was my last day in Chanute so naturally I have a redneck story. There was a less active family that asked us to help them move, which was interesting because I had to pack as well, but we went over to help and we walked in and literally everything was covered in cockroaches and ants. They asked us to move two fridges that were still full of food and covered in bugs as well. They didn't have a dolly or anything and said "just pick it up" so we put them in the back of the truck and it started pouring super hard. Which fridges become a lot slicker when they are wet, which was fun. Then we drove across town and put them in their new house and watched the cockroaches leave the fridges and run away into the new house which will probably be interesting in the future for them.
But then I spent the rest of the day packing and then we said goodbye to a couple families. Then we stopped by the Gile/Womelsdorfs family and said goodbye to them. They are awesome and we got some good pictures.

Thursday we went to transfers and I got transferred to Leavenworth 2nd ward with Elder Staheli (stay-lee). He is awesome. He is from Pleasant Grove, UT. He has been out for 1 year now.  He is 5ft 5in so we look like quite the pair. We had a lesson with an excommunicated member who wants to come back, but he is 87 and loves to talk and tell stories - old people are really funny. We had dinner with a member family who is awesome as well.

Friday we had a really good lesson with a referral from the 1st ward and he is awesome. His name is Harlan and he is really interested and wants to keep learning more. We took a member on a team up to a lesson, and the member is an old war vet who is probably a little unstable. It was a very interesting lesson. When he picked us up he came to our apartment and just laid on his horn for like 2 minutes straight until we came out. Then our neighbor came out and yelled at us for a little bit. And Elder Staheli said brother(XXX) I think that guy is kinda mad that you honked for so long, and the first words I heard him say were "Well that's what the blacks do so that's what I'm gonna do!"  So you can imagine how our lesson went. He does have a very big heart and good intentions though.

Saturday we walked most of the day, we are on a car rotation so this week was walk week. We walked about 10 miles and just tried different people and got inside with a couple of people but nothing really to report on.

Sunday I met a lot of new people and don't remember a whole lot of names, but the ward seems really great.

We found this little box on a bench that overlooks the Missouri River and it had a couple little things in it. I really liked the note, it was cool so we left it there so someone else could find it.
Thank you for all the support you have given me. Thank You! You guys are awesome.

Elder Jensen

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