Saturday, February 18, 2006

Taser Class

Ok I have talked to almost eveyone on the video, I think i'm pretty safe to get the video back up. I hope you all enjoy.



OK so we had a Taser Class this Saturday. The video above just shows the "PAIN". The class was about 5 hours long, during which we learned all about the different aspects of the Taser. We learned the components. When and when not to use the Taser. This is the beautiful part. The Taser is a non-lethal weapon, and can be used on just about anyone. Obviously this is not a weapon that you would just go around shooting people with at random, but if you have a uncooperative person this tool will certainly get there attention.


The Taser course does not require you to get hit before you are able to use the weapon, but our department policies do. So all those that want to use this tool had to be hit with the taser. The only bad thing is we don't all get one. In fact it is to stay at the jail unless we need it. So using it will be greatly limited.


Oh yeah, if you want to see UNO's thoughts on this device, check out Towers Private Places. The link is on the side there. I work with this officer. He's a great guy.




  1. But what does a taser class entail? And do you have to be shot with the taser? I know the PD here doesn\'t have tasers, though I hear we\'re getting them soon; the DPS (Campus police) have them, and they have the option of being shot with the taser.

  2. I was so tired when i made this blog that i didn\'t put much info in. So i went back and added the info, thanks Wendy W

  3. Tasers rock!  We had the option whether we wanted to get hit with the taser or not when we certified, but I couldn\'t wimp out.  I got hit with the old M 26 - I hear the new X 26 hurts more.  Guess I\'ll find out next time we re-cert.  Too bad you guys don\'t each have an issued taser.  We have four for the department and everybody on duty is directed to carry.  How does that work if you need it?  You hold them at gun point \'til somebody can bring the taser?  I\'ve always been knee-deep and glad that the taser was right there on my bat belt.
    Strength and Honor,

  4. Great blog! My husband just had a class on tasers and he was the "lucky" one to get tasered. He\'s in LE too. Anyway it takes a special person out there doing what he and yourself do. Take care!

  5. Interesting blog.  I know several troopers and deputies who had to
    "experience" the taser.  I, for one, would NOT ve willing to be
    shot with it.  LOL  Take care and stay safe!

  6. Glad to see your getting the Taser. They are great. It\'s to bad you dont each get one though. Hopefully soon. Its funny how all it takes for most bad guys is to look at you belt and see it there; They become very compliant. In your situation they could easily be a life saver as well. As I am sure you saw, you can hold a "bad guy" on the ground for quite some time while you are waiting for backup.

  7. OK, if I ever have the option to be tazed, remind me not to. And on a side note, you have some pretty good looking guys in that video.

  8. Your video is almost identical to Matt\'s.  Too funny.  I have to admit, I felt a bit of vindication when I saw him get tazed.  Yes, yes, a smile was upon my face.  :)  Copies should be delivered to all of the officers\' significant others.  :)