Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Grandfather Died :(

     Yesterday I was having lunch with my wife and my son. We were talking about Grandparents. Kenneth has a lot of grandparents. Anyway I mentioned that I feel bad that my son hasn't really had time to spend with my grandpa. My grandpa has Alzheimer's..(don't know how to spell that). He doesn't remember who his own kids are most of the time, so he definitely doesn't remember me, or my son. I grew up around him though, and he is a very great man. He has 13 kids, my dad being one of them.

     Well my mother calls me early this morning and says that my grandfather passed sometime during the night. I was shocked. I feel bad, I wish I had a chance to see him one more time. He only lives about 3 hours away, and we hardly ever visited him. I feel guilty about that. As far as grief that he has passed. I'm trying to find my feelings for that. I know that he has gone to a better place, where he will have his memory and his health. I know that he will have a place in Heaven. I am happy for him, and saddened for my grandmother. My own feelings are somewhat distant, because i loved my grandfather, however in the last years I wasn't really that close to him. I was much closer to him in my years growing up. 


My prayers go out to my Grandfather and all of his family, especially my grandmother.


  1. hey , I am sorry to hear that. Having lost all four of mine while I have been old enough to remember, I know it is hard. Is it easier when they loose their memory before they go? I don\'t know maybe it is easier for them and thats what matters I suppose. Is this the grandfather that you fished with? if so I think it\'s time you start taking Kenneth. It will help Thats why I love to do theater on my time off, my grandfather took me to his shows whenever I was in town. Anyway Sorry for your loss. Private, knows how you feel.


  3. Sorry bout your grandpa-prayers & peace from kansas

  4. Sorry about your loss. It\'s never easy losing someone you love.

  5. Im sorry to hear about your loss Mike. May he Rest In Peace

  6. Sorry to learn of your loss.   How nice you were close to him in your childhood;  that will always be with you.

  7. I\'m so sorry to hear of your loss.  I was filled with guilt when
    my grandfather passed suddenly.  I still miss him after 7 years,
    but I know he\'s still around me in spirit and I just remember the best
    times I had with him.  I have only happy memories of him.  My
    thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time. 
    Take care.