Sunday, May 21, 2006

Yellowstone trip

On mothers day we took a trip into Yellowstone National Park. We went and saw some of the paint pots, and of course Old Faithful. It was a fun trip; we saw a lot of Wildlife, Buffalo and Elk were everywhere. It’s nice to live so close that you can just make a day trip of it.


I made a video of the day. I finally found a way to get one of my vids to work again; I had to sign up for a new account at Filelodge. Pretty stupid, but it worked so here you go.


  1. Love that!  So glad it worked.  Filelodge is a necessary evil.
    Stupid question 1:  What shoots out of Old Faithful?  Is that water or steam?
    Stupid Question 2:  What are the paint pots?  Do you have pictures of those?

  2. Not stupid. It\'s hot water that shoots out of Old Faithful, sort of like a pressure cooker, and the pant pots are   well water and mud, in like this ever boiling cauldron. The reason they are called paint pots is because they have many different colors. i think the colors come from algae and stuff. I do have pics, i will put some on here.

  3. Paint Pots are a good name for those.  Great way to spend a day.  Yosemite is a day trip from me and, sad enough, I have never been there.  I\'ve only seen pictures of Half Dome.  I better go before something happens to it. 
    Love the Happy Dance!!  Thank you!  That\'s about what I looked like in the Legal Office...just before I hugged the Dean.  Kidding,  I ALMOST hugged the Dean.  : )

  4. Yellowstone photos are great.  Glad you had fun. :))