Thursday, February 15, 2007




This is a drug, that is apparantly legal. It looks pretty messed up. I saw a recent news report on this. They asked a lot of adults and no one knew what it was, then they went to a local high school every single kid they talked to knew what it was and many or most had tried it. Just so you know what your kids are doing.. check this out.


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  2. This is rather scary...the story I\'m gonna tell you now (but the drug too).
    A couple of years ago when Matt was at a motivated stage (remember my friend Matt?), he wanted to write a story for a short film.  He was wanted to get back into his hobby of film at the time.  He asked me to do some research on poisons and sources often not typical.  I looked up various plants to see their effects.  The most common drug from plant origin seems to be digitalis and oleander.  Both have fatal effects.  But I was looking for something not fatal and found salvia.  We used to spec this plant ALL the time at my old job.  We wrote it into the screen play as a hallucinagen. 
    I had no clue that this stuff was actually sold and used.  Just what we need, a drug you can by at Home Depot and plant right in your front yard.

  3. I just heard about this not too long ago.  It was in a Law Enforcement magazine.  I used to plant this stuff all the time as it looked pretty in my flower garden.  Not anymore!!!  :)