Sunday, April 15, 2007


    Ok ok so it's been a while. I know, but it seems no one is
reading these anymore anyways. Well I do have a little to say about what is
going on in my life. I have just been promoted to the position of Detective.
Well if it is a promotion. It doesn't include a pay raise, but I think it will
be some excellent training, and a good change. I think my real true love is
still patrol, so I will probably go back to that eventually. I have a feeling I
will miss some of the things that a regular patrolman gets to do. I am looking
forward to the challenges that come with Detective though. I'm not looking
forward to all the child molestation cases, and things of that nature. The Sgt.
tells me he has a lot of work lined up already for me. He has been a detective
short for a while now.
    I won't start as a detective for a few weeks, because they are just now
training a new patrol man to take my place. Even after he does take my place he
will go to POST soon, and they will probably pull me back on patrol to help
cover the shift until he is done.

    Ok on another note. We are getting a brand new Jail, Sheriff's office, and
courthouse. The building will be finished at the end of the month. It will be
amazing, especially considering that the building we are in know was built way
back in the dinosaur days. We are definitely due for new facilities.

Ok now on an even lighter note. I did a vin inspection the other day on a very cool car. It is a 68 Chevell. It only has 15,000 original miles on it. I was told that it is the lowest mileage Chevell in the world. The car is in excellent condition, and I just had to take a couple of pictures. The owner tells me that everything is stock. Well except for the tires... anyway take a look at these pics.


  1. PROMOTION!!!!   Congratulations!  If you don\'t like it then you can always go back!  Its not a de-motion where they say "get outta here kid, ya botha me."  It will be great!
    New courthouse, eh?  Money well spent.  :)  The jail in SJ county is nicer than my house, hardwoods and cable.  I checked it out not too long ago when I was trying on different career shoes.  But I decided in the end that an inmate wasn\'t the route I wanted to take.  Law school (I think) was the better choice.
    So you bought the Chevell!!??  Can I have it?

  2. Congrats on the "promotion".  DB work will probably be a nice change from patrol and the training will be great.  Our guys can do a seven year stint in the DB and then get cycled back to patrol.  Of course by then all of their certifications have expired...   I never want to sit through another 8 hour Intoxillyzer 5000 certification class again (EVER).  Good luck!
    Strength and Honor,

  3. Hey!  I still read when I can.  No one visit\'s my place much either these days.  Congrats on the promotion!!!  I know the feeling of having a new place to work.  My office was specially built for me and I\'m LOVING it.  10 years ago when I started dispatching, the Sheriff\'s Dept and holding cells were in a TRAILER!!!!  Yes, we were poor back then.  LMAO!  They have a huge, beautiful brick building now with a large jail.  They just built a new addition to the jail to house females now.  I\'ll try to do better about checking in on you.  Have fun and take care!