Thursday, December 13, 2007

Jefferson County Shooting, Officers cleared

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The investigation related to the October 25th shooting in Jefferson County that claimed the life of Don Hayes is complete.

County Prosecutor Robin Dunn says after reviewing the Tri-County
investigation, the shooting, while tragic, was justified.

along with Sheriff Blair Olsen and Tri-County Investigator Mike Marvin,
gave more details this Tuesday afternoon as to what happened that
October night.

For the first time, the names of the deputies
involved were released. Both Sergeant Steven Anderson and Corporal
Aaron Williams fired their weapons. Sergeant Lynn Parker also responded
to the call but did not shoot at Hayes. All three deputies were placed
on administrative leave following the shooting.

Marvin says the shooting was all caught on DashCam and it was that
piece of evidence that clearly showed the deputies were justified in
their actions.

Dunn said Hayes fired seven shots while the two deputies fire a total of 19 shots between them.

The gun fire broke out almost simultaneously and lasted only 10 seconds.

Sheriff Olsen says the 19 rounds was not excessive because the deputies stopped shooting when the threat was gone.

Olsen also said the internal investigation also shows that the deputies
followed policy and procedures, stating the deputies tried to resolve
the issue without opening fire.

Sheriff Blair Olsen,
Jefferson County: "There are situations, including this one that even
though those attempts are made and the subject was warned number of
times, ordered to put the weapons down and they don't respond. And it
comes to a point when you have to react."

The deputies involved have been back on duty since the 9th of November after being cleared by a counselor.

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