Thursday, February 28, 2008

Idaho Falls pursuit and Shooting

This is just Crazy! It seems that these kinds of things are becoming more and more common. This small little community is getting bigger, and along with it comes all the problems of a larger community. I don't know a lot about this case, other than to say I do know the news didn't get it all right. Many of what they reported is what they assume happened not what really happened, but hey it's the new, and that's how they do things.

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  1. Hey M.D.
    I have learned to hate the media no matter who they are.  They\'re going to tell their story at all costs, even if they don\'t get some or all of the information correct.  They laugh at me at the post because I USED to be in radio, but got sick of all the BS.  Seems we\'re having a cluster of a day here at the Post as well.  One of the local P.D. units got into a chase and the car they were chasing slammed into another car head on killing both drivers and a passenger.  Now the Police chief is lying and saying they weren\'t in a chase at all.  However, we\'ve viewed the video and he clearly says several times that he\'s in a chase.  We ended up having to work the accident, that\'s why we got involved.  The media is ALL over this one and asking us questions that we can\'t answer.  Whew!!!  Take care!