Friday, June 6, 2008


This is truly amazing. I can't believe no one goes to help him.

Ok so it's been a while, one of my friends told me that i needed to update this because his wife mentioned it was very outdated., I didn't think anyone ever really even looked on here anymore.

Well i feel stupid enough without sharing this with the world, but take this as a cautionary tale, dogs are faster than humans. .. I was standing outside the Sheriff's office talking to some fellow officers, and we were kicking the toy for Jenny (my K9). Anyway one of the guys says, "I will give you a quarter if you can take that toy out of her mouth" well I have done this many times, you just have to be quick, and catch her off guard so (like an idiot) I decide to try. Well my first warning is that she is very intense, and keeps a hold of the toy very tight every time i get close. ... I don't pay attention. so I give it a shot, and I slap the ball out of her mouth, only she snaps her jaws shut very quickly, and very forcefully, right on my trigger finger. Of course I jerk away, only causing more damage. Well she bit down hard enough that it not only cuts my finger it actually splits it open from the pressure. I of course feel really stupid, and tell everyone that I'm fine, and the hurry home to inspect the damage.
I will be fine, but i sure hope i don't get into any gun fights anytime soon, I have a large bandage on my index finger, and it feels like I smashed it with a really big hammer.
Not only that it's very hard to type without your index finger. It's a reminder on how sharp these dogs teeth really can be.


  1. Piece of advice- don\'t EVER listen to your friends when they dare you to do something.  Sorry to hear about your finger though.  LOL  Our K-9 Kayla LOVES her kong.  She\'ll drop it for you to kick it for her.  Very sweet, loving dog, but when she gets in that patrol car she\'s ALL business and then some.  I got accosted by our other new K-9 Cheetah.  She nearly knocked me on my ass when she charged at me and JUMPED on me.  I\'m NOT a small person by ANY means, but she just wanted someone to play with.  She\'s more hyper than Kayla, but she\'s just as sweet.

  2. BTW, that video really pissed me off, people don\'t mind butting into other people\'s business, but when someone\'s in need, no one seems to care.  Sad state our world is in today.