Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Well On the 14th of this month my wife and I had our 13th Anniversary. I
feel bad because for the first time I actually forgot. Luckily she was not
upset with me, and things worked out very well. She got me a gift, and I took
her out to dinner that night. We didn't do anything spectacular, but we did
have a good time together.  My wife has a blog as well, and she left
blogged about me. I was truly touched by what she wrote, and feel very lucky to
have such a wonderful woman in my life.  

I wish I could write something as wonderful as what you have written me,
but as you know I’m not really that eloquent, and have a very difficult time
saying what I feel. I do want to post your comments on here, and I want to let
you know that I love you very much. I don't want you to ever think otherwise. You
and Kenneth truly are my life. Every day when it comes time to go home from
work, I am rushing to get home, just to see you guys. I usually walk in and
don't say anything, but I really am happy to see you.   ... Anyway I have
spent the last 30 min just writing this, and as you can see it's not much. I would like to say more, but think I would only mess it up by continuing to type.

Happy Anniversary

Well, it is now official - we have been married for
13 years! And for the first time since we have been married, Mike
actually forgot. This morning before he left I got up and gave him his
gift - I got him an iPod docking station/alarm clock. But he made it up
to me by taking me out to dinner tonight. Kenneth went with us and the
food was really good - we all had a good time.
So in honor of our 13 years together, I thought I would list 13 things that I love about Mike. (Not in any particular order)
He is very laid back. Most people don't know him very well because he
is pretty quite and doesn't say a whole lot. But that is typical for
him - he is just real easy going.
Mike is the best dad I could have ever asked for my child. He spends a
lot of time with Kenneth. They like to just hang out downstairs in the
man cave, they mow lawns together - which is teaching Kenneth a great
work ethic, and they just goof off together. Last week Mike and I were
both sick with food poisoning, and Kenneth had his last football game
of the season. I told Kenneth that since we were both so sick he would
have to miss his game. Mike felt bad about this and so he had Kenneth
get ready and drove him to his game in Firth. Mike waited in the car -
sick as can be - for about 2 hours and then drove home - what a good
3. Mike is patient - he puts up with me and my craziness - need I say anymore?
Mike is a hard worker. He has one of those jobs that requires a lot of
flexibility and sacrifice, but he does it day after day because he
loves it. He gave up his education and working as an engineer because
he knew that he wanted to be a cop. It isn't always a glamorous or high
paying job, but I think that he gets a lot of satisfaction out of being
able to help people.
He embraces his inner computer nerd. He has fully accepted that he is a
computer nerd and is often found fixing a computer around the house or
helping out any one of our numerous friends/family that need help with
technology crap.
Mike is a good friend/brother. Mike would give you the shirt off his
back if you needed it. He often gets calls that someone needs help with
a variety of things and he always is willing to sacrifice his time and
energy to lend a helping hand.
He protects our family. Not that we live in a high crime area or
anything, but I always feel safer when he is around. He is always
available to take care of whatever we need.
He still thinks of himself as a kid. He doesn't ever really want to
grow up. He enjoys doing so many activities and "fun stuff" that
sometimes I think I have 2 kids. You can often hear me saying - "no
horseplay in the house - somebody's going to get hurt" For example, a
few weeks ago Mike and Kenneth were goofing around and Mike
accidentally slammed Kenneth's head into a corner of the wall in the
hall. Now we have a big ole dent on the corner of the wall that I don't
think can be I said, sometimes I think I have 2 kids.
(don't worry - Kenneth's head is just fine)
Mike takes care of the "manly" things around the house. He feels that
it is his responsibility to take care of things like mowing the yard
and fixing things.
Mike is a fantastic artist. He really has a talent. He likes to draw
things - he still has a picture he drew in high school - it is called
vision master. I think he use to have a poster of it in his room ....
or something like that. It is really cool.
Mike has a terrific sense of humor. Most people don't get to see this
part of him because he is so shy. But once you get to know him, he is
pretty hysterical. A great example (he won't like me sharing) was last
night we were saying goodnight to Kenneth and Mike was wearing a
halloween shirt that glows in the dark. It is a black shirt with a
skeleton outline on it. Well, he charged it up with light so that it
would glow really well and then we turned the lights of - he started
dancing around and Kenneth and I were laughing so hard we coulnd't
catch our breath....I know you had to be there to get the whole
Mike has stuck with me through good and bad. And believe me - there
have been both. I have never doubted his love for me. Some days we
don't necessarily like each other very much, but we still love each
other no matter what.
Mike is my eternal companion. Thirteen years ago today we knelt across
an alter in the Idaho Falls temple and he agreed to be sealed to me for
time and for all lucky am I??????
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

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