Saturday, February 4, 2017

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Elder Kenneth Jensen
Missouri Independence Mission
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This week has been a week full of changes. If you follow any other missionaries I'm sure they will be speaking of this as well.
We had a Zone Conference this week and we also had the world wide missionary broadcast where we learned how to be more effective teachers and better missionaries. They also made some schedule changes to our days. We have much more freedom. They basically say you need to do these things in the morning (work out, breakfast, get ready, personal study) and you have from 6:30 - 10:00 to do them. We have companion study sometime in the day (we get to choose when) and instead of nightly planning, we do our daily planning in the morning before we go out. They have also cut down on our numbers. We used to report on 9 different statistical numbers but now we only report on 4. The changes have been pretty nice and the mornings are way more relaxed. We have more time to do what we want so now I actually have time to become conscious before I do my work outs.  Elder Timmreck seems to like them too.

This Sunday we also got a new ward mission leader, which as a missionary changes a lot of things on just how everything is ran and your daily life and contact with the WML. It will be good though, our WML and his wife just got back from a mission in the Las Vegas mission.

Other than that we have had a pretty slow week. We did have some good contacts with people but nothing too noteworthy. Probably the highlight of the week was we had our second lesson with Darrin this week. It went super well and he seems to be doing good. Our member present was... interesting, but it was really good. Darrin made us bread :)

Thank you all for the prayers and for everything you guys do. You're amazing!

Make it a good one.

Elder Jensen

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