Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Week 75

Area: Tiffany Springs, MO
Companion: Elder Fowlks

This week has been amazing. It started off by teaching a part member family who has a 9 year old named Shane who is not baptized. We taught them the restoration and committed him to be baptized on June 24th!  Since he is a kid I knew I could be straight up with him. We started by asking him what he thinks missionaries do. He said "teach the Gospel" and I said "Yes, we teach people so that they can get baptized. Is that something you want to do?" and Shane said yes. The spirit flooded the room and we were able to start teaching the 1st lesson, it was amazing.

Tuesday we had a Zone Conference, it was a spiritual feast. It was amazing to hear from our President one more time before he heads home. Although it was still a 6 hour meeting...

On Thursday our ward mission leader was driving us up to a town way in the north part of our area for a lesson. As we were driving up our WML told us that there was a family in this town that needed help moving some furniture. So we went over and found that they were moving a piano out of their house and putting a new one in. So that was fun. They also were replacing a bed and their couches. We asked them what they were going to do with their old couch and they said they were going to donate it. Then they offered to give it to us if we wanted it. We gladly accepted because our couch was very broken on the bottom and if you sat in the right spot you were basically just sitting on the floor. So a new couch has been very nice.

The fireflies are finally out this year. It looks so amazing to see a whole wheat field that glows and sparkles at night. Also as you drive if you hit any of them they leave little specks of glowing light on your windshield.

We did service for the Millers this week (she was baptized 2 weeks ago and their daughter is getting baptized this week!) We helped them cut up some branches and then burn them in a barrel. We went until the barrel was full of coals and we couldn't fit anymore in. Then we helped another family in our ward on their home garden, mostly just weeding but she made us a lunch that was amazing!

This last Sunday was Stake Conference and Elder Weatherford T. Clayton came and presided. In the middle of the meeting he asked all of the full time missionaries in the congregation to come up to the front and then we sang "I am a child of God". Then he asked several of us to bear our testimonies. Afterwards we got to talk with Elder Clayton. It was an amazing experience, he told us "your grandchildren are so happy that you have decided to serve a mission. There is a lot more to heaven than we can see." It was super cool.

We have been able to see some amazing miracles recently and my testimony has grown so much from this last week and the last 17 months! Thank you all so much for the support you give. It is always great to hear from you.

Elder Jensen

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