Thursday, May 26, 2005

2nd work entry

     Well this week was rather interesting, mostly quiet. A few crashes, luckily no one was hurt. In two of the accidents there were Hispanic drivers that had no driver’s licenses. One interesting thing this week is we had a guy that his wife believed was possibly abusing her children, sexually. We were investigating him for that while she was filing for a divorce. Anyway the same day he got the divorce papers he intentionally drove his little car out in front of a semi truck and killed himself.  Pretty crazy.

I had one mother call into the office and tell me that her son had come home, and he was now sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast. She then stated she knew that he had a warrant. After checking I found out that he really did. I then went to his house, knocked on the door and the mom let me in. The kid was very shocked to see me step into the kitchen and tell him to stand up, because he was under arrest. I don't think he was too happy with his mom.

Oh yea and one last thing. Almost a year ago, we had a double homicide. Well this week the court case was finally finshed. She was found guilty on both counts of 1st degree Murder.

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  1. Hard stories again. Yea pretty crazy guy. Suicide is crazy enough, involving others is even more crazy and ugly.Wonder about this mom. OK .. a warrant for whatever is one thing .. own mom, the most trustful person calling the police, is really weird for me. OK .. dunno whatelse is going on between this mom and her son.Must be kinda satisfying, to do such a job and see ppl getting guilty later .. so you know you do a right and good job.