Sunday, June 12, 2005


Well this week was interesting. I had one incident where a boyfriend and girlfriend were driving down the road, she was driving. Well she got mad at him and pushed him out of the car at about 25mph. He went tumbling and a lot of people saw it. So someone called us. Well the guy started running away, when he found out the cops were coming. He didn’t get very far. We caught up with the woman at one of her friends houses. We took them both to the jail. Turns out they were having a big fight, because she had taken his car and not returned in a week or so. Well she got mad at him and was taking him to her friend’s house so they could beat him up for her. He started fighting with her in the car, and the end result was he got tossed out of the car.   A whole bunch of idiots. I really think idiots should not be allowed to breed. .

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