Wednesday, August 31, 2005

skipped a few weeks

     Sorry all, i have missed a week on this. It's been a little crazy around here. We are trying to sell our house,and buy a new one. That has proven to be more stressfull than I thought. If anyone wants to see the house i'm selling just go here 


As for work. Well :) work has been interesting. It has actually been kinda busy. I have spent the last few days playing parent. I hate it when i have to scold other peoples kids. This week has been full of scolding others kids. I think some of these kids are great kids, and if someone just sat down and talked to them like I do a little more often they might actually start getting it. Unfortunatley i'm afraid that i will talk to them, they will striaten up for a week or so, and then the parents will either think well lets let the cops deal with them again, or they will think those damn cops they aren't helping at all. either way i'm getting the short end of the stick. Oh well I just figure it's Job Security.


I'm going to go work security at the State Fair this week, so i won't be back for another week or so.


  1. Those parents dont get, that they are the ones who do the mistakes. Its always easy to give away the responsibelity to others, or blame things on others. As you say, this kids need attention. Attention by an idol. By someone who show them how to live. At first that is parents job and no others. For sure it is a good job you do there, but sadly it doesnt help that much. And it isnt your primary job, IMO. Otherwise you would work in a Kindergarden or as teacher ;) Tho .. keep on doing your best, and teach them whenever you have the chance. Sometimes its really crazy what you have to do in your job. Things that others should have done earlier. And I really wonder, that you dont go crazy about all this crazy stuff. And become a really mad dog ;)

  2. Yup some parents expect us to raise their kids for them as well as hold their owns hands for them and teach them how to act. I got tagged by Squirrelwolf so I\'m passing on the favor. So, Tag, You\'re it. Stop by my space for details and start making your lists. Have fun with it, Later, Sandy