Monday, September 26, 2005

Sorry it's been so long

     This last few weeks have been very hectic. Let me see if i can help catch you all up to speed.

I worked our state fair that was a mixture of fun, and pain. Got to go to a Terri Clark, Dirks Bentley Concert. I arrested a lot of people and worked my butt off.

     What is weighing on my mind the most right now is that we are moving tomorrow. Well we are moving most of our things tomorrow. We don't actually close on the house for about a week. We have almost everything packed and some of my family and friends are going to help me move it all tomorrow. I'm a little stressed about the whole thing. It's not everyday you buy a new house and spend that much money. I know when it's all over i will be happy, but it's sure is a stress getting it all done. Oh well I'm ready to move and I just want to get it over with now.


  1. Yay. Congrats for your new house. Yes, you are right, thats not a daily business. I hopoe you will "arrive" there soon. Ansd also hope, you will sell your old house asap fpor a good price.Im looking forward for the first pics of your new home. And what about your truck? You still have a place there to work on it?Good luck with all you do, Mike.Peter

  2. Yep, know all about that busy buisness!!

  3. Ok i have no simpathy lol Sarah had to move by her self and i hope your taking good care of my truck i miss it almost as much as my other one but when i get my new one ill be happy again lol you don\'t talk much anymore act like you work or somthin hehe take it easy and ill talk at ya laters

  4. Hi Mike, just found your space and linked it to our site...hope you don\'t mind. The access is restricted because it is our "for fun" site...I\'m sure you understand but feel free to check our our main site at!Good luck with the move!