Thursday, June 1, 2006

Bite Work

Hey MadDog, do you wanna come out and let my Dog bite you? Oh Come on it will be fun.


Of Course I said yes. I don't always make the best choices in life.      


Actually this turned out to be pretty fun. Like I have mentioned before our department just got two new dogs. Cpl. Fish Is the proud owner of a dog named Jenny, and Williams is the owner of Sparky. There were two other dogs in the video, Odin and Harry. Those dogs belong to the trainers that are working with Fish and Williams. I convinced another guy that really wants to be a reserve to come out and put on the bite suit as well. He's the first guy in the video that you see with the bite suit on, and I'm the second.


Getting bit was pretty intimidating, however it really wasn't that bad. You can still feel the dog bite, and those dogs can hit you pretty hard, just about knocking you over. The suit is really heavy, and very very hot. You certainly won't be running any marathons in this suit. I was impressed with both Sparky and Jenny they did a great job. Both dogs are trained very well, and I can't wait until they have finally finished all the requirements to get on the road.


  1. Come on now, i know you got a kick out of it.  I hope Jenny didn;t pinch your arms and legs to  bad.  But she is mean.  I hope we can count on you later to help us with them more.  Take care, and great video. I will need to get a copy from you.
    Cpl. Has Jenny bite your ass

  2. It would be terrifying to get bitten, bite suit or not.

  3. That is a great video!  God, your dogs are gorgeous!

  4. Love the video!!!  The Dogs are AWESOME!!!

  5. i used to like dogs....then i got  acat...easier to
    just out blog surfing and thought i\'d leave a comment so that you would know i was here....pop by my space if you have some free time....
    :o) smiles are free... :o) and contagious... :o) so pass them on... :o) to people you love... :o) and even to those you don\'t... :o)