Wednesday, June 21, 2006

House Fire

I went to a house fire tonight that was pretty intense. A fellow officer that was there to help, was able to take some pictures of the fire. He got some amazing photos of this truck burning. It looks pretty cool to see the firefighters in the forground.





These flames look pretty cool. The fire started in the garage somewhere, and then spread to the rest of the house, also spread to this pickup.  


 This last photo gives you a clearer picture of the aftermath.




 Here are the pictures in full scale


  1. The flames are so clear.  The pictures really are great...but it feels weird to say that considering it\'s someone\'s home.  Hope no one was hurt...and they had insurance.

  2. OK, this is off topic. But, I was perusing your photo albums and I wasn\'t aware you were that interested in cars. You might wanna check this site out: . It might peak your interest.

  3. Awesome fire pictures, man!  I wish I could have gotten some pics of the mill fire we had last year in a neighboring town.  In between running around evacuating the trailer park next to the fire I remember looking up at all of the flaming ash raining down wishing I had a camera.
    Strength and Honor,

  4. WOW!! 
    thows are some cool pics. it shows what the fire fighters have to dill with and that thay get right in to the fire.