Thursday, August 31, 2006

Fair Time

     Once again I'm off to go work at the State Fair, as security. It's 8 days of 16 hour days. The pay isn't that great but after working that many hours I should do ok. I believe the two concerts this year are Lynard Skynard, and Sara Evens. The concerts should be pretty tame. I don't think Lynard Skynard will have a too many trouble makers, and Sara Evans will probably have a lot of cowgirls.

     Anyway, it should be interesting. I think it's Jeff Foxworthy that said if you want to feel better about yourself just go to the State Fair, I definatly understand what he means by this. There are some very scary looking people that go to the state fair.     I willl give a full report when i get back, and if i am able to get internet while i'm there maybe I will even update while I'm there.



On another note, there was a shooting of two probations officers, and one Police Officer not far from my area. From what the news has said the three officers are going to be ok, and the bad guy was shot and killed. I don't have any more info than that, here is a link to the new vid.




News video of shooting





  1. Just thougt I\'d leave you a note, since I know you read my space now and then. I"ve moved it to The Life of Me on blogger. I don\'t think my MSN one will be updated with much stuff from here on out.

  2. alright, extra money for doing nothing!  That is the BEST money!  Love the extra work when we can get it.  Cute video

  3. My friend took me to see Sara Evans not too long ago.  I didn\'t notice so much until she pointed it out to me that Sara Evans like to show off, what I think she thinks, is her greatest asset.  We hardly saw her face at all.  The guys loved her though!  She does have a nice looking posterior, but I was little disappointed that she charged us $55 to see it.  : P