Monday, September 11, 2006

Back from the Fair

     Ok so I'm back from the State Fair. It was a long long week. I was teamed up with a guy from another city. We made more arrests than any other team out there. I don't know how many arrests but we got 5 or so a day. The Lynard Skynard concert brought in a rough crowd. We had several fights that night. There is nothing like pushing your way through a jam packed crowd, and then trying to stop 10,000 idiots from fighting. We grabbed the main aggressor, and started out of the crowd, I ran over a few people on the way out.

     We made a lot of arrests for minor consumption, and a lot for underage tobacco as well. eight days away from your family is a long time though. I was so excited  to get home and see my wife, and my son. I'm not sure they were so excited to see me. I guess i was gone on a hard week for my wife. Anyway it was good, and the paycheck will be better.


  1. I am looking into Law Enforcement in Iraq.  What is the process?  I am currently certified and holding my Intermidiate Cert. from P.O.S.T.  What web pages should I look at?

  2. A whole weel boo hoo hehe I only dream of it only bein a week when i have to leave. Just remind mindy that Sarah had to go a whole year while in the middle of being pregnant then with a new born hmm never mind that might get you into more trouble lol. I get the cold shoulder if i have to work late.