Friday, December 8, 2006

Great Friends I have never met.

            The internet is a strange and wondrous place. It’s amazing the people you can meet, and talk with, and have become your friends, and yet you never meet them face to face.

 Last week I was telling you about a friend that was struggling with their spouse, and I wanted to play a song that seemed to go along with that. Well I couldn’t get the song to work. I finally got it to work thanks to a great friend that I have never met.

What I mean by all of this is I have a friend online who has hooked me up with the space needed to play some files. I met this friend through pc gaming. You see I have a love for racing games. Need the speed games and all other racing games. I ended up getting on a forum called with a lot of friends. This place and group of friends are from all over the world. It’s so amazing to see the great people that you can meet. It’s cool learning a little about what people are like in other countries. It’s refreshing getting to understand that they are mostly just like us. This blog in itself has introduced me to some great people.

Anyway Thanks Viking and I hope you all enjoy this song. It is how we all feel I’m sure from time to time.. Apologies for the language.


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