Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Crazy people



      Ok here is something very interesting. I was taking to a coworker today, and he brought up the name Brent High. He told me Brent High was the one responsible for killing two roommates with an axe. My coworker then told me he had looked into it about the time of the murders, and stated that I had dealt with Brent. So of course I had to go and look it up. Sure enough I had dealt with Brent back in 2004. It was on a traffic accident. Brent slid off the road near a parking lot. Brent’s car slid into a rock bed, and caused the rocks to fly into the parking lot, damaging 13 cars.

          I remember Brent because he was crazy. Here are a couple of quotes that I wrote in my report back in 04.


 “Brent told me he was driving too fast and he was driving recklessly. I asked Brent why he was doing this. Brent seemed very confused. Brent stated he felt that it was good.”


“Brent seemed disoriented, and was acting strangely. I asked Brent who I could contact for him. Brent gave me his parent’s phone number. I contacted his parents and spoke to his mother. Brent’s mother was very concerned and asked me if Brent was acting strangely. I told her he was. Brent’s mother stated there was schizophrenia in the family, and she felt that Brent was having a mental breakdown.”


I remember Brent also got very upset when I had to tow his vehicle, and he had to pay a tow bill. Well it turns out Brent really was crazy, and looks like things went from bad to worse. I did some searching on the net and came up with these links if you wanna take a look. It’s pretty strange the people you run into in my job. Sometimes it makes you feel responsible, sometimes it just scares you. I suppose we just have to do the best we can with what we have.

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  1. Isn\'t that somethin\'.  Don\'t let it freak you out too much, it at all.  I bet you\'ve crossed paths we many others that, if they haven\'t yet, will come up soon.  You can\'t stop the compounding snowball, just push who you can out of the way.
    Is your weather nice?  Time for some off roading, yes?