Tuesday, June 5, 2007


I have started this topic about 8 times now, and if I was more eloquent with my words, I might have said a lot of things. As it is though suffice it to say my new position is very interesting, new, and I work with some cool people. I know that doesn’t give much information, but that’s all your getting. … J


I have arrested several kids for some pretty serious vandalism, and burglaries, and that is all going to court here very soon. It was pretty cool going through the process of interviewing them all, and finding out who all was involved. I probably better not say much about it since nothing has actually gone to court yet.


My home life is pretty good, I actually get home at a decent hour now, and we usually spend some good quality time together. My son is growing way to fast, and he is at a great age. I hope he can stay as cool as he is right now forever. I havn’t spent hardly any time gaming, which probably makes my wife happy.


Ok that’s gonna have to be enough for today.. I will try to post in there more often. Ttfn.


  1. I\'m so glad you are enjoying the promo!  It takes a while to get used to things, huh.  Its taken me a while but I am feeling better about it now.  Three months of absentee blogging <equals> adjustment period. 
    I\'ve no time for gaming either :(.  I feel somewhat unbalanced because of it, I think.  Sam Fisher whispers to me in my sleep.

  2. lol... Sam Fisher huh... that one took me a few minutes... I\'m glad I\'m not the only one who games...