Tuesday, September 13, 2016

This week has been good,
We Had interviews with president Vest I got to ask him some doctrinal
questions which was awesome!
The beginning of this week was So humid it was literally felt like it
was raining but the water drops were just suspended in the air and you
just walked into them.
Then on Friday there was a huge rain storm and from a our apartment
door running to the car we were completely soaked. But the good news
from that since then the humidity has gone down a ton, and the
mornings are starting to dip down to the high 60, it feels so good. I
am excited for winter.
This week we have been trying to go through the ward roster and meet
everybody we don't know. It has been there are some interesting people
in this world that is for sure. But some blessings we have seen from
that is asking members who the know in the ward that could use a visit
and it's been really cool to see the connections from that.
We also got 2 referrals this week! It was so awesome. We contacted one
and she is interested and we have a return appointment for next week!
The other one was a little different. He came out and apparently he
has meet with Elders Before so he knew who we were and was very nice to
us but this week he has had quite the spiritual experience. He says
that the spirit is telling him to do all these like, the sabbath day
is on Saturday and to go and mow his lawn on Saturday like 10 times
and all sorts of things and he has been reading the bible a lot, so
that's good. But he talked to us for like 1 1/2 hours and it was
probably in my top 7 memorable conversations in my life.
Another miracle, we had just got done with lunch and we were driving
down the street to go see someone and a lady that lives just down the
street from us flagged us down. So we turned around and she is this
little 79 year old lady from the Philippines and she asks if we want
to go to lunch with a "lonely old woman" and we said " i guess if you
twist our arms" so she took us to AppleBee's. Apparently she took the
last set of missionaries out and she just likes the company, but we
talked about temples and stuff it was cool.
On Sunday the primary asked us to come in and talk about missionaries
and how awesome missions are. So we spent the whole time in primary
and it was hilarious and very small. There was about 10 kids in both
junior and senior primary.
Well that was pretty much my week thank you all very much for your
support it is always awesome to hear from you.
Make it a good week!

Elder Jensen

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