Monday, September 5, 2016

Area: Leavenworth, KS
Companions: Elder Peterson
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Elder Kenneth Jensen
Missouri Independence Mission
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This week has definitely been an interesting one.

Monday this super cool family had us over for dinner and they asked if they could invite any of our investigators. So we had them invite Herbert (the 87 year old who is planning on being baptized the 24th).  So Herbert came and had a really good time and then the Halls had us stay for family home evening which was fun. One of their sons I guess had seen a baby squirrel fall out of a tree and it was still on the ground several hours later. So he picked it up and they researched how to take care of it and now they have a pet squirrel, I have pictures.

Tuesdays we help out at this assistance living center (it's like a DI kinda) and they usually feed us lunch, which is awesome. They were having BLT sandwiches, although they did not have lettuce and I was not too excited about the T so I just pulled a bunch of bacon in between two pieces of bread and felt no shame from the judgmental stares of others :)

Wednesday on our way back from district meeting we had the Leavenworth 1st Ward Elders in the car with us. As we were driving through a busy intersection we saw that a pretty major crash had just
happened and there were people running around saying "call the 911". I guess a lady got hurt. But we pulled over to see if we could help and one of the cars that pretty much no longer had a front end drifted around the corner and sped past us and if I had gotten out of the car like 2 seconds later I probably would have gotten hit. So we walked to the crash site and there were two fire trucks, an ambulance and like 5 police cars. So we found one of the officers and told him that we had seen the car that caused the crash. So that was fun.

Thursday we had an appointment with Herbert and we asked him who he wanted to baptize him. And he said that he was going to call church headquarters and get a hold of his old Friend Dallin H. Oaks and see if he will baptize him. So that will be interesting to see what comes of that.

FridaySaturday and Sunday we really just walked around town and tried to street contact people and work through our potentials list and we really didn't meet anyone who was interested :( but we went out and worked so that was good. Although on Saturday morning we had an earthquake which was... interesting. I was in the bathroom and then all of the sudden the whole house just started to shake and stuff was falling off of bookshelves, it lasted for like 10 seconds and it was done. That was a first.

Another kinda funny story, so I went to bed one night and kinda had the thought that I should  put my glasses on my night stand. Then I thought "nah I always wear my glasses when I sleep, it will be fine". Well when I woke up the next morning they were gone. Just gone. I spent the next two days looking for them and could not find them anywhere. Then we moved my bed and a whole bunch of stuff trying to find it. Then Elder Peterson asked if I looked in the window sill right next to my bed. I said "yes, I have already looked there". Then he found them, they were on top of the window sill. As in I probably would have had to stand on my bed and put them up there. But there they were all nicely folded and gently put. I feel like it was Heavenly Father just giving me a reminder that he is in control and that I should listen better. So that was fun.

And that was my week. Thank you all so much. It has been a lot of fun serving the Lord and learning so much about who I am and what I want to become. Thanks!

Elder Jensen

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