Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Area: Leavenworth, KS and Ottawa, KSCompanion: Elder Peterson and Elder Cox
Email address:  kenneth.jensen@myldsmail.net  
Mailing Address:
Elder Kenneth Jensen
Missouri Independence Mission
517 W Walnut St
Independence, MO 64050
(We got an email this week that said all packages should be sent directly to the missionary now and not the mission office. If you would like his current address, just let me know. All letters should still go to the mission office. Mindy)

This week has been pretty interesting. Big news is that I have been transferred to the Ottawa Ward! It is the area directly over the Iola ward which was my first area! So that's super cool. I am still in Kansas... but because we are so close to my last area, we are going to try to stop and see some people which will be sweet!

 Ottawa is really cool though and it turns out that I very well might be related to some of the members here.  

So this week has kinda been a whirlwind and I don't really remember what happened the first part of the week. But, I did get to say goodbye to Herbert and got some sweet pictures. Then I came to Ottawa with Elder Cox, who is from Mesquite Nevada. He has been out for 13 months. He is awesome.

We met a couple of crazy rednecks out in the boonies, that was fun.

We do have a 9 -year old who is planning on getting baptized this Saturday. I got to milk a goat, I had Moroccan food, and I wrestled a mini horse. So that's been Ottawa so far.

I am sorry that this is a shorter one. I miss you guys.

Love ya
Elder Jensen

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