Wednesday, October 26, 2016

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Elder Kenneth Jensen
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This week has been good. We have really been working with a lot of less active people and we have seen a lot of people this week.

So where we park our car is right under a couple huge maple trees and there are lots of birds in them and they like to poop on the car, but it's usually not too bad. But the other morning we went out and the car had like mountains of bird poop on it and the first thing Elder Cox said was "oh I didn't think that birds pooped when it was humid" so that was a good start to our day. 

A cool miracle that happened was that we tried to contact a lady who had gone online and ordered a Bible and we were delivering it for her. She wasn't there but her husband was and he wasn't really interested but he told us to go to his grandmother's house. So we did and it turns out that she is a member who was baptized several years ago in Paola. Finding the lost sheep!

Then Elder Cox convinced the whole district to do a "district breakfast" before district meeting. The night before it was decided that it would be a district lunch, but with breakfast food. Elder Cox volunteered us for pancakes. We went and bought two boxes of pancakes and two bags of chocolate chips then made probably 30ish Mancakes - they were huge. So that was fun.

A member made us pumpkin soup... it had chunks of pumpkin and peppers and other things I didn't ask about... I am glad that I have tried it but I probably wont try it again. 

A sister in the ward asked us to help her move and right before we get there Elder Cox is like "oh yeah, so she is moving out on her husband and I don't think he knows about it. So if he shows up its gonna be super awkward." Then sure enough as we and the high priest group leader were moving stuff out he showed up. Luckily I think the sister had told him but it was still super awkward as we were just moving stuff and putting it into a truck. Plus side is the high priest group leader took us out to lunch. 

So those are some of the highlights from this week. I learned lots and had some memorable experiences, it was fun. Thank you for all the support you guys give me. It means a lot. You're awesome!

Elder Jensen

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