Friday, April 28, 2017

Subject: Week 68!

This week has been pretty good on Tuesday we met a cray guy named Franky.
He was mowing his lawn and hoped off the mower and ran over to us and started
to tell us what he new about the name Jesus.I honestly don't know what his point
 was, he really didn't have anything against us he just wanted someone to share
his ideas with I guess. He was just really upset because the English work Jesus
 is not what they actually call the Savior in Aramaic. Then he told us that since
we didn't speak in tongues that we did not have the Holy Ghost but he did.  Then
 he said that Joseph Smith wrote the Book of Mormon and anytime we would have
 something to say. He would cut us off by just talking louder. Then he taught us
 how to pray by getting down on his hands and knees and praying for us. It was
 pretty good.

Other than that we have had some pretty good lessons with people. We met a
Part Member Family and the guy kinda hesitantly let us in and we shared a short
 message and then left. It was a good contact and we will continue working with
 him but we will see if it goes anywhere.

We have also had several people who just want to bash with us and tell us to
repent or we will be Damned, its been fun.

But if everything works out well we will have 2 or 3 members returning from
inactivity in the next couple week so we are super excited for that.

On Saturday we were able to drive to my last area (Ottawa) because Twila Got
 baptized!! It was so awesome to be able to see her enter in to the fold of God
and be one with the Saints. A good friend of hers who originally introduced her
to the church was able to baptize her. It was great.

Thank you all so much for the support. Being a missionary is the best
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I found a goat
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Elder Jensen

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