Monday, April 17, 2017

Area: Harrisonville, MOCompanion: Elder Cope
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Elder Kenneth Jensen
Missouri Independence Mission
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Independence, MO 64050

So to start off the week we went to a members home for dinner and quickly observed that they love to travel the world. So they took us on a tour of their home and showed us all the cool stuff they had collected from all over Europe and Africa. They also had a page out of the first edition of the King James Bible. That was cool, apparently it's worth enough to be insured. 

On Tuesday we did some service for a member and we burned down his burn pile. It was awesome he let us throw gasoline on the fire and make explosions. Then as we were standing there a baby rabbit ran out of the flames and Elder Cope caught it with his hands. I just turned around and saw him sitting cross legged on the ground with a rabbit in his hands trying to feed it a carrot.  I didn't get any pictures sadly, I really wish I had though.

Wednesday we had Zone Conference which took pretty much all day. It was awesome but a 7+ hour meeting is long.

Thursday we had a sweet lesson. There is a recent convert who has moved into the area with her husband's parents (who used to live in Provo and investigated the church). So we went over and had a really good lesson about the restoration and it was kinda weird because the RCs grandpa was there and he had read the Book of Mormon and the D&C and knew the BoM and Joseph Smith was a prophet but didn't agree with some of the things Brigham Young did. So it was awesome to see a non member testifying to our investigator about the Book of Mormon. It was great. We hopefully will meet with them again this week.

Friday we made some good contacts and had a few cool lessons on peoples doorstep.

Saturday we drove down to the bottom of our area to contact some less actives that have recently moved in. The first guy was in a trailer with Confederate flags all around and had a huge Ford truck with window stickers about the marines and biker gangs and guns all over it. So we knocked and the guy answered, he had tattoos all over, was wearing a leather biker vest, had huge metal skull rings on 8 fingers, and had a big fu manchu. He was the nicest guy, he told us that the guy we were looking for didn't live there anymore and that he wasn't interested but he was real polite and laughed and made jokes with us.

Sunday we met another character just sitting on his porch, kinda the same feel as the biker guy. Chain smoker with a bottle of whiskey in his other hand. He was super nice also, we sat down and he talked for almost two hours.  It was kinda funny he said "you guys want something to drink? You look like you do, I know something that you'll love. But first I have to ask how old you are." So we told him and he came back with some orange cream soda and it was really good. Then he showed us all of his "collectibles" and we left him with a Book of Mormon and have an appointment for later this week.  
Then we had dinner with the Kelleys for Easter and it was super fun, we played a personality quiz. Apparently my spirit animal is a mix between a Golden Retriever and a Beaver. So that was informative.

Thank you all so much for what you do. Being a missionary is awesome. Finding and teaching people about he gospel is the most rewarding thing I have ever done.

Elder Jensen

Kinda hard to see but its a snake :)

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