Sunday, July 9, 2017

Week 77

Area: Tiffany Springs, MOCompanion: Elder Nielsen

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Elder Kenneth Jensen
Missouri Independence Mission
517 W Walnut St
Independence, MO 64050

This week was pretty fun, Tuesday was my birthday. Thank you to everyone who helped make it a memorable day.  We had a dinner appointment way out at the other side of our area with a single mom and her kids. We tried almost every priesthood holder in the ward to come with us and nobody answered until like 1 hour before we were supposed to leave. Finally a brother answered and was able to take us. The family didn't know it was my birthday but they fed us steak, so I was ok with that.  Afterwards on our way home the brother who took us out stopped at Sonic and bought us cream slushies. I had never had one before but they are pretty good.

We received a media referral this week for a man named Michael. It just said that he had requested a Book of Mormon. So we called and set up an appointment. We asked how he found the church or why he wanted a Book of Mormon. He said that he had an app on his phone that gave him bible verses each day and he saw an add pop up for a free Bible so he clicked on it and ordered a bible. Soon the missionary department called him and then soon we called him and came over.  We were able to give him a Book of Mormon and a Bible, he was grateful to receive both. We were able to testify of the Savior and of eternal families. It struck a deep cord with him because he is extremely religious and loves his children and grandchildren very much. I love to see the Lord reach out to his children through us. It is incredible.

The young men of the ward (there's only about 4 of them) had a fundraiser to help them go to scout camp this year. It was a spaghetti dinner and an auction. Families brought things like tents, stained glass, and lots of desserts. The ward members also offered many of their own services to be auctioned out. It was amazing to see the ward support as they came to support the boys and donate some of their time and talents. One of the items was the movie "Finding Dory" and Elder Nielsen thought it would be a great idea to help raise the bid some. So he bid at $15 and nobody took it... so he paid the $15 and now we have Finding Dory in his bag. I think he is planning on giving it to a family in our ward who has a lot of kids.

Thank you all for the letters and support that I got this week. It is amazing to hear from you.

Elder Jensen

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