Sunday, July 9, 2017

Week 78

Area: Tiffany Springs, MOCompanion: Elder Nielsen

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Elder Kenneth Jensen
Missouri Independence Mission
517 W Walnut St
Independence, MO 64050

So to start off, last week there were some technical problems with the internet. I wrote up and sent all of my emails then about 30 mins later I looked and it said that none of my emails sent and they were not saved. So I had to rewrite all the letters, I am sorry if I did not respond to your email last week. It got really confusing what emails actually got sent and which ones did not.

Well, on Monday we had a good day and we headed home. As we pulled up the people that live across the hall from us all came out and invited us to come into their apartment and "hang out for a little". We only had about 15 minutes before we had to be in our apartment but we went in. It was interesting. There were about 7 people who most of them had had a few beers. They were super nice though, they were really respectful of what we could and couldn't do. Although they really wanted to see which one of us would win in a match of street fighter. Ever since that night we have been pretty good friends with them.

On Wednesday we had probably one of the best lessons I have ever had. We were on exchanges with our Zone Leaders. Elder Lancaster and I had an appointment with a man that had been tracted into a few months ago. We showed up and he had a quad scripture set on his table with 3 pads of paper and a pencil. He is a huge religionist and loves learning. He had some LDS friends growing up and met with missionaries back in 2007. But he had a ton questions and in 1 hour we taught him the first 3 lessons and a few of the commandments. It was really incredible for me to see how all the lessons are interconnected.

Elder Nielsen got bit by a pretty nasty bug. It started out looking just like a mosquito bite on his had, but a day and a half later you could not see his knuckles anymore because his hand was so swollen. So we went to an urgent care and they gave him steroids, Yay! 

The biggest news of the week - Shane got Baptized! It was an awesome service and Elder Nielsen confirmed him a member of the church on Sunday

This week our bishop got an email from the temple in Kansas City saying a man called wanting to meet the missionaries. So we went over and met Peter. He is 82 years old and back in the 80s he joined the church and was active for a while but eventually through some things he decided to take his name off the records. Fast forward a while and he recently moved to Kansas City and said that he wants to come back and check it out. So we met him on Saturday and he came to church on Sunday! He is super awesome, it reminds me a lot of teaching Herbert from Leavenworth.

It has been a good week. The days sometimes seem to go slow but then I look back on the week and it seems that it has gone by so fast.
Thank you all for the birthday wishes again. I know the church is true!

Elder Jensen

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