Monday, November 13, 2017

Week 93

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Elder Kenneth Jensen
Missouri Independence Mission
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This week has been really and seems to have flown by.

Mon - We had a choir rehearsal to prepare for a musical number in Zone Conference.
It was 4 sets of Elders, some sang English, some Spanish, some in American Sign Language.  I had never conducted a rehearsal, so that was a first.

Tue - We had Zone Conference for most of the day. Elder and Sister Echo Hawk came to the conference. Elder Echo Hawk is a member of the 70. It was amazing to get to hear from him. Then we had MLC right after where he talked with a smaller group of us.

Wed - We went to the second round of zone conference. Since my zone is the biggest, we had to split the zone in half. So I got to go to both meetings. I met with the Stake Presidency to talk about the missionary work in the stake, those are always cool meetings.

Thurs - We did our weekly planning which was weird since I'm am in a trio, but the only one representing Raytown. So I did weekly planning by myself, which is much different than normal. We also had our Book of Mormon study class that happens every Thursday. We had a member of a restoration branch come. He had a Book of Mormon that was very well marked up and he knew it very well. It was really cool. I don't think he is particularly interested in joining our church but likes the class.

Fri - We had a few people from Salt Lake come and observe our mission. The mission is getting smart phones and Facebook, so we were the experiment. They had to see what the mission is like before the phones and stuff.  We did our daily planning at the church building and he basically watched us plan, study, and proselyte. It was a little weird but fun.  And both of my companions got trainer calls!! So E. Horne is going to be a 6 week trainer! I'm probably more excited than they are.

Sat - We got to do some sweet service setting up for a kids Halloween enchanted forest. It was way fun, we got to move hay bails, set up tarp walls in the trees, and all sorts of stuff. I got to spend about an hour with Elder Pauley, who is deaf. We were suppose to hang these camouflaged tarps in the woods with ropes. Pretty logistical stuff and we couldn't really talk to each other, but we worked pretty well with the little sign language I know.

Sunday was another great day in the service of the Lord. We mostly tried to contact people and get back in contact with old investigators. 
Thank you all so much for the support, it is always great to hear from you!

Elder Jensen


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