Monday, November 13, 2017

Week 95

Area: Raytown Ward 
Companion: Elder Martinez

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Mailing Address:
Elder Kenneth Jensen
Missouri Independence Mission
517 W Walnut St
Independence, MO 64050

This week has been kinda boring, not going to lie. It has been a lot of meetings and administrative stuff. 

Although on Monday it was 8:55 pm and we were on our way home and decided to try one more person. We met a cool guy who is a member of the ward, but doesn't come very often. He was pretty welcoming and said we could come back this week!

Tue - We took a young man out with us. He was just ordained an Elder and put in his mission papers. It was cool to answer his questions and talk with him.

Wed. - We went to 4 different meetings :) The mission is getting Facebook, so we got to log in and make some changes to our profile... it is super weird. I still have no idea what the rules are but I'm assuming I can friend people, I just can't chat through out the week, but still really exciting. We also get smart phones next Wednesday!

Thurs - We did our weekly planning and took Brother Murphy to a scripture study class at the Visitor's Center. It was a great class and a lot of people showed up. It has definitely been getting colder here. So Bro Murphy is in a wheelchair and as we were about to push him outside he asked if it was cold outside. We replied "no, its not to bad". Murphy grabbed his beanie then we headed out. As soon as the wind hit him he almost yelled "This is white mans weather! I'm cold" Then the whole rest of the ride he talked about how black people are built for the cold. It was pretty funny. 

Fri - I went on exchanges to the Hill Park area with E. Hamblin. Hill Park is the area with the Visitor Center, the Community of Christ Temple and conference center, it has downtown Independence, and it has the Temple Lot where Joseph Smith dedicated the ground for the Independence temple. So a pretty cool area. We were out contacting people and we sat down for a little break. Elder Hamblin said he wasn't feeling super good so we went inside to rest for maybe 30 min, it was about 4:00. So I took a nap then about 40 minutes later I heard him in the bathroom throwing up, poor guy. There was nothing I could do for him so I went back to sleep... So we stayed inside the rest of the night. I got to read and watch church videos.

Sat - The ward had a big campfire activity. We roasted hotdogs and marshmallows and then Bishop Searls gave a message all about missionary work. It was a great activity. We got to go early and set up for the event, so I got to chop wood and do a little manual labor for a change. :)

Sun - The whole church service was focused on missionary work. It was awesome! I am so pumped for the ward to catch a hold of the spirit of missionary work. It is going to be great.

Thank you all for the support. I love being a missionary and I know it is a short time that I have to serve the Lord. I have been impressed recently of the power of the Book of Mormon. If you read it every day, you will never fall away. I know this to be true and I ask all of you, including myself, to make a more dedicated effort to read the Book of Mormon. Make it the Most Important part of your day. 

Thank you, love you all.
Elder Jensen

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