Thursday, July 21, 2005

Day shifts Uhg!

     Yep, just as the title says, Day shifts are no fun. This week i worked Monday through Thursday, 6am to 6pm. Long days. It's seems twice as long when all the brass is in the office. It is also longer on a weekday shift, because you get a lot of monotonous complaints. The "my nieghbors dog peed on my lawn" complaints. It's a lot of busy work, and a lot of traffic stops. (I like the traffic stops)

     This week was pretty busy, nothing really exciting though. It was thos monotonous calls I already mentioned. So this weeks blog will be short and sweet.



  1. Hi, saw you on my stats. Know what you mean about day shift...I prefer working nights. Not much going on tonight because of rain. Thanks for visiting my space. Have a safe and great weekend!

  2. Found you through Scribble. She sure gets around huh. Dispatcher in a small town here and don\'t much like day shifts either. They just start way too early in the morning for me. Where did the bear cubs come from? Interesting too baptizing your own son. Later

  3. ~ Blue Star Mom ~July 29, 2005 at 3:27 PM

    Well I can\'t think of anything I like better either....Seeing police lights flashing and pulling me over.Yipeee... a new ticket to add to my pretty collection.

  4. I\'ll bet you do like the traffic stops! :) many propositions do you get in a day? Just kidding! Just came from Sandy\'s Gloat and Pout and thought your comments were funny.I have the same problem with the "brass". So, it looks like Geophysics and Policing aren\'t much dfferent in that respect.Keep on doing what you do best and I\'ll try not to speed.-- Fizz --