Friday, July 8, 2005


     This week was very busy, I worked the 4th of July weekend. Lot of fireworks complaints, and  a lot of Drunk Drivers. The one thing that stands out in my mind is a crash. I think i will probably remember this one until I die. A Hispanic man was driving down the road, he had a blood alcohol content of 2.5, which is very high. He ran off the road hit a power pole, breaking it in half. Then his pickup tipped upside down and landed in a canal full of fast running water. The power pole landed on top of truck, causing hot wires to be in the water.

     When i arrived there was only one other person on the scene. I wanted to jump in the water so bad, to try and pull this guy out. I knew logically i would probably only end up hurting myself, but i really had to fight the urge to jump in. Eventually we got other emergency workers there. we got the power lines cut, and we used a tow truck to pull the pickup semi upright. The dive team had a very difficult time getting him out of the pickup, and after watching them i realized that there was no way i could have gotten the man out by myself. They got him out of the water, and immediately started doing CPR. The ambulance transported him to the hospital and he lived for about 12 hours, but did eventually pass away, due to internal injuries. I am very surprised he survived as long as he did , because he was under water for at least 20 minutes and when they pulled him out o the water he was not breathing and he did not have a pulse.

      I spent the entire time trying to calm down his family who showed up just after the emergency crews. They were very excited and upset. I was able to keep them calm and get them to help me by getting in touch with the rest of his family to let them know to go to the hospital.

     I guess this is just another story that shows that you should not drink and drive.. too bad this one didn't have a happy ending in some way.

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