Saturday, July 30, 2005

not much to report this week.

Another day another Dollar, This week was fairly boring actually. We had a few DUI's and a couple or traffic accidents. One incident stands out this week though. I was called to go into the next county and assist on the Highway, because both State Police and all the officers in that county were busy on other things and couldn't make it.

     It was only about a mile into their county, anyway. This car was parked right in the middle of the highway, with no lights on. Luckily someone had stopped behind them and turned on their flashers. I walked up to the car and had to wake this guy up. He was actually drooling. When i yelled at him he suddenly jumped up and tried to start his car and drive off. I took his keys away from him and tried to smell any alcohol. I could smell a little bit but not much. I called for an ambulance to make sure this guy wasn't diabetic or something like that. He wasn't but it was not adding up. We ran him through the field tests, and he failed but not that bad. Anyway. It seems that the guy had a seizure, and passed out. He had driven thought eh median on the highway 5 times, tore the drivers side mirror off his car on something we still don't know what. Almost crashed into several cars and then he just simply stopped his car and went to sleep.

     Crazy stupid drunk drivers that's all i have to say.


  1. Had a drunk who fell asleep at a red light. A bunch of citizens took his keys away. when we got there, he was drunk and PISSED! We let him cool his heel is JAIL. lol VIGILANTES!!!!!

  2. nice space ya got here. :)

  3. I worked for the Las Vegas Metropolitan police dept. I worked there for 30 years. I was civilian in Juvenile and Battery Domestic Violence. People would fight, get arrested, then the next day the wife would call to try to drop charges against the husband who beat her. One girl who was 21 was out all night drinking and drove home in the morning and hit a bunch of teens that were picking up trash along the highway, the courts sentenced them to do that. I think she killed 8 of them. Take care. Connie