Wednesday, January 18, 2006

End of the Glory

    Well I think the Best of MSN experience is just about over. I rather enjoyed the fact that they featured cops. I think this is one of the most misunderstood, and yet most scrutinized jobs around.


On to my blog rantings. Tonight I'm working night shift which is 6pm to 6am. We had someone hit a power pole tonight. They knocked it clean out. The power was arcing and started two fires. Luckily it has just snowed here and there really wasn't much of a danger of the fires spreading. The thing that gets me is this person puts it in 4 wheel drives and gets the hell out of there, before anyone arrives. So now I have pieces of his car, and I have to try to figure out who did it. The only reasons for leaving like that are 1. He’s probably drunk, and 2. He probably doesn't have insurance. Really pisses me off when people do that and it's surprising how many people do.

     Earlier tonight I got a call from a passerby saying there is a car in the ditch. I go out there and sure enough this guy was test driving a minivan, and slid through a stop sign and into a ditch. He had already called a tow truck in hopes that the cops wouldn't find out about it.   I'm not sure what the laws are in the rest of the world, but in my area it is against the law to leave the scene of an accident which causes over $750 dollars in damage. The way cars are made today, if you spit on them they cost more than $750 to repair.


IT IS NOT OK TO LEAVE THE SCENE OF AN ACCIDENT. Ok done yelling lol. I didn't site the guy, I figure he didn't damage anything that he wasn't going to have to already pay for anyway, and the roads were extremely slick. I did give him the what for about not calling us. I told him that I should probably site him just for that. Oh well most of the time we have a slid off I don’t' site the driver. It's only if they cause a lot of damage to another vehicle or if someone gets hurt that I do that. Now that's just me, some officers will cite the drivers every time, and I have no problem with that. Most of the time if you drive out of control you should get a ticket.



  1. Lucky for your area. Here its not a felony to leave the scene of accident. We had a girl hit another girl about a month or so ago, the girl that was hit died, and when they finally found the girl that hit her, all they\'ve done is give out her name, no charges have been filed. That just drives me nuts, also close to my area we had a mother get hit someone who left the accident that was also about a month ago, and they don\'t have any suspects at the moment, all they have is a video of a vehicle in the area when it happened.I hate that people aren\'t getting charged for these, you\'d think (or at least hope) it\'d be a detterrent to people if they would get charged for leaving the scene. But obviously from your calls its not.WW

  2. The experience may be over but you and your fellow featured officers have shown us how tough your jobs are and I for one want to thank you for your blog and your service in Law enforcement.A new loyal blog reader.Patty