Wednesday, January 18, 2006

How to put your own vids on your website

I have been asked many times now, how to put the windows media player on my MSN Space. Here are the instructions and if you want to learn more visit this website. There are a lot of things you can do it just takes some learning.



PowerToys are here!!!

Windows Media Player PowerToy:

The Media Player Power Toy is designed to allow you to play audio and video files within your Space. While editing your Space specify the URL of a Media file located on the web in the Media Power Toy and hit Save. This will allow the people viewing your Space to watch or listen to the media file you have linked. You can customize the experience even more by altering the player settings (like auto start, times to play, and player mode) while editing your Space.


Please note that this PowerToy, like the others, is available in English ONLY for now and is UNSUPPORTED.  


This feature is to be used for authorized content only. Please respect the creative efforts and intellectual property of others, and do not link to unauthorized materials.  Linking to unauthorized material is a violation of the Spaces Code of Conduct and Terms of Use.


Follow these steps to add this Power Toy to your Space:

  1. Log into Passport and Edit your Space.
  2. In the Address bar of your web browser add the text “&powertoy=musicvideo” to the end of the displayed URL.
  3. Click the Go button next to your web browser address bar.
  4. Once the page has finished reloading, click on the Customize tab in your Space.
  5. In the Modules drop down menu in the Customize tab there should be a listing for PowerToy: Windows Media Player. Click the word Add next to it and then click the Save button.


PS: oh one more thing, you will need to have your videos or music hosted somewhere on the net. I have been using, seems to be a decent one, and it's free.


  1. Yes, we are a very friendly bunch us Kiwi\'s. So you lived in Aussie but you didn\'t take a trip to the other land down under? A shame. You would have been in for a treat. We are laid back folks. Just take every day and everything in stride or it used to be like that. Of course I have lived here in the States now for almost 21 years so yes, it could have changed. I have not been home since 1984. Hope you get to visit my NZ one day.Thanks for posting the media player information. It\'s easy when you know how. I just helped a friend with that yesterday. Now I just have to get the knack of adding videos.Thanks for reply. Keep safe.Kiwi!

  2. Thanks so much for telling me the "secret". I am going to try to do it TONITE! I promess I will not put any "weird" video in my space. I took a look at your photos today, that kid is so cuuuuuute...!C.

  3. OOOHH..FINANANNNYLLLLYYYYYYYYYI found someone that knows how to put music in the SPACE !!!! if i could i would you...hey what the heck...I\'ll kiss ya anyways !!(((((((((( Kissing you ))))))))))))) *in a friendly sisterly manner of course*