Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Area: Leavenworth, KS
Companions: Elder Staheli and Elder Peterson
Email address:  kenneth.jensen@myldsmail.net  
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Elder Kenneth Jensen
Missouri Independence Mission
517 W Walnut St
Independence, MO 64050
This week has had a lot of changes, but it has been fun.

Monday we pretty much spent the whole day at the doctors getting medicine because I got attacked by some plants that bleed poison apparently, so that was fun

Tuesday we had a super cool lesson. There is an inactive lady in our ward and she was just assigned a new visiting teacher who made contact with her and asked if it would be ok if the missionaries came over because she has a non-member boyfriend. They were pretty apprehensive about people coming over in the first place but for whatever reason they said that they would try it. So we called and set up an appointment and we get there and we connected really well with them and were there for 2 hours. We shared a message on the atonement and they both shared some things they were going through and how that message was especially meaningful to them at that time. They are super cool and we are going to start going over and teaching the lessons!

Wednesday we got the call that Elder Staheli was going to be transferred, so we spent most of the day packing and saying goodbye to people.

Thursday we drove to Independence and Elder Peterson is my new companion. Elder Staheli was moved to the Independence 2nd Ward. That is funny because he has already served in the Indi 4th Ward before. But he was super excited even though it was sad to see him go. Elder Peterson is super cool though, he is from Lehi UT. He is the 2nd oldest of 4 kids and his dad is an officer for the  Lehi police station. He has been on his mission almost 11 months.

Friday we had 4 lessons that all worked out which was such a miracle. It was awesome and all but one of our team ups showed up as well! 
Saturday we simply did finding all day long and sadly no real memorable stories came out of it. Except we knocked on this guys door whose name is Raul and his family is all Hindu and he was super buff - it honestly was a bit scary.

Sunday is always fun. Today we found a ton of old Tupperware that people have given the missionaries over who knows how long, but they all had names on it. So we drove around and dropped them all off after church. So that was fun.

I have kinda stumbled upon a new saying I am rather fond of - " be the one who turns on the light". So when you get up in the morning whoever is the first one out of bed usually turns on the light and gets going. Well I want to be the one who gets to the light first. I don't know why that hit me so much this week but ever since then I haven't missed a morning yet.

Well that was my week. Thank you all for the support and love you guys send. It is amazing to hear from you! You are the best.
Make it a good one.

Elder Jensen

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