Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Area: Ottawa, KSCompanion: Elder Cox
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Elder Kenneth Jensen
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Well, this week was honestly pretty uneventful. Elder Cox has been sick most of the week and we have not been able to get out and do to much.

Tuesday we went on exchanges and Elder Smith and I helped this family move a super heavy air hockey table with a couple of guys who only spoke Portuguese so that was fun. Then as we were driving around Olathe in Johnson County I saw some of the biggest houses I have ever seen in my life. They were huge! You literally had to drive under part of their house to get to the courtyard where the garages were.

Then through a failure to communicate I ended up forgetting all of my stuff at the Heritage Parks apartment, so for two days I slept on just a plain mattress with a sweatshirt for a blanket. That was fun...

We went Christmas caroling with a family in our ward. It was actually pretty fun. The family we went with could actually sing, so I just stood in the back and tried to not ruin it.

We went to go get my bedding and stuff back and as we pulled into the parking lot we realized that our bumper had fallen partially off and was dragging on the ground. We had lots of appointments and we were pretty much busy for the next two days and then it was Christmas time and everywhere was closed. Our car guy just told us to duct tape it, so thats what we did.

Christmas Eve was pretty normal. We had dinner with a family with little kids and after dinner we helped the dad move a big trampoline up from the basement. He said once it was all set up that we could jump on it. :) 

Christmas day was awesome! Thank you so much for the stuff you guys sent me. I think I have more candy than I have ever had in my life.  We opened gifts, went to church, had lunch with a family who made home made pizzas, then went straight to dinner with another family. Then we got to Skype our families. That was really awesome. They said that I need to send more pictures of me in my emails so ... we'll see what happens.

Thank you all for your support, the mission is awesome! 

Make it a good one.
Elder Jensen

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