Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Area: Ottawa, KSCompanion: Elder Timmreck
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Elder Kenneth Jensen
Missouri Independence Mission
517 W Walnut St
Independence, MO 64050

This week has been pretty slow as far as missionary work is concerned. 

A few cool things have happened. On Monday we were running late and a member was dropping off dinner at our apartment so we just told the lady to leave it on our front door step. As we walked up the stairs to our apartment, both of us kinda forgetting about the food, looked down to see two kinda sketchy looking Taco Bell bags. So that was a nice surprise and we haven't died yet so we are pretty sure they were safe.

There was supposed to be this huge ice storm coming through and leaving 2 inches of ice on everything. So literally every appointment canceled and all the locals just cleared the Walmart shelves and then shut their doors. I don't know if Kansans are just a little paranoid or if we just completely underestimated freezing rain. The rain came, but it did not freeze very much and it was really lame. So stores, schools, appointments, cars were grounded for pretty much nothing. So we mostly did a lot of walking this week. And everyone was like "you crazy boys need to go back inside". 

We did have a cool experience this week. We were trying a potential that missionaries had talked to about 6 months ago. We knocked on the door and a man answers and it's the potentials husband and he is apparently already a member. He joined about 5 years ago in Kansas City. Then we were trying a referral we received a few weeks ago. We had talked with her, but only briefly. So we knocked on the door and are talking to her again and it came up that she was raised in an LDS home and is already a member. So that was cool. We hopefully will start meeting with both of them and help them come back to church.

Thank you all for everything you do. It's amazing to hear from you.

With appropriate affection,
Elder Jensen

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