Wednesday, January 11, 2017

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Elder Kenneth Jensen
Missouri Independence Mission
517 W Walnut St
Independence, MO 64050

Hello everyone, I hope it has been a good week for you. I guess I will just start from the beginning.

This week was really cold, but we had absolutely nobody in particular to try so we just walked around and tried to talk to anyone and knock on a few doors. Turns out people don't like to talk when it's cold. So a lot of people would answer the door and say "you boys shouldn't be out in the cold like this" and then shut the door. So that was fun. We walked around Garnett then around Ottawa.

Elder Timmreck got hit with a 24 hour bug, so we stayed home to let him rest and we both got some needed sleep on Thursday

This week was my Year Mark! It was pretty exciting, but we didn't really do anything for it. Except at 9:30pm while we were planning we got a knock on the door from a Pizza Hut delivery who said that they had a pizza for an Elder Jensen. So we took it and the lady had kinda mentioned that it was from my mom. So we ate it and it was good... we haven't died yet, so hopefully it was from my mom. Thank You! 

We met a guy this week named Corey. We knocked on his door trying to find a less active member. We knocked on the door and Corey comes out and said that the member had moved. So we were talking to this guy and turns out he was born in Pocatello, ID, does insurance work for people in Salt Lake City and while on a recent trip to Iowa was contacted by the missionaries and was given a Book Of Mormon. So that was a cool blessing. He will not be available to meet with us for another two weeks or so but hopefully we can start meeting with him.

As we were walking down the street there were two little girls about 9 years old playing in the snow. As we walked by they started yelling at us and asking us questions about who we were and how old we were and they asked Elder Timmreck if he was a lawyer. He said no, then they asked me if I was a spy and I said Yes. I am not gonna turn down that opportunity. But it was actually kinda cool they asked us all sorts of questions about Jesus and why he is important.

That was most of our week. We had a couple of cool lessons with some less active members. No one has come to church yet, but we will keep working!

Thank you all for what you do. It is amazing to hear from you and see how life is going for you guys.

Make it a good one,
Elder Jensen

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