Saturday, September 2, 2017

Week 86

Area: Tiffany Springs, MO
Companions: Elder Nielsen and Elder Denny

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Elder Kenneth Jensen
Missouri Independence Mission
517 W Walnut St
Independence, MO 64050

Well, even though this is just a report since Wednesday quite a lot still happened. While playing basketball I wrecked my ankle. It was just a sprain, nothing near as bad as Elder Nielsen's sprain a few weeks ago, but it still has some pretty colors.

Thursday-  we went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders. I didn't have a brace for my ankle just a compression sock, so I had to hobble around for a day.

Friday - got a brace - much better and was able to walk pretty good. We did our weekly planning and not much else happened

Sat - the ward had an emergency preparedness fair. It was really awesome! About 20 booths with members of the ward and companies showing off their stuff. Then outside there was about every type of emergency response vehicle they have. A fire truck, squad car, a swat assault vehicle, ambulance, mobile police headquarters, and then to top it all off we had a Life Flight helicopter come and land in the parking lot. It was super cool and unfortunately I did not get any pictures, but I will try to get some from people who did and send them next week.

Sunday - great day of church, had dinner with a bunch of Polynesians, then we picked up a new companion, Elder Denny! His companion blew out his knee playing soccer a few weeks ago and tore a few ligaments and will have to return home for medical help. So Elder Denny is with us for the rest of the transfer. He is from Idaho Falls, went to Hillcrest High school, and has been out for about 7 weeks. So he is still in his first transfer. It will be an interesting couple of weeks.

Thank you for all of the love and support, you guys are amazing! 

Elder Jensen