Saturday, December 16, 2017

Week 97

Area: Raytown Ward
Companion: Elder Martinez

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Elder Kenneth Jensen
Missouri Independence Mission
517 W Walnut St
Independence, MO 64050

This week has been crazy busy, but it has been a blast. 

On Monday we had dinner with a super cool family. The father is from the Cook Islands and is a master carpenter so he made the actual fish hook from Moana but with real tribal carving. It was awesome looking. I wasn’t able to get a picture with it but he is going to be making us fish hooks soon so I will get a picture with it.

Tuesday was craziness, we were just running around the zone trying to get things done and working on administrative stuff. We had another lesson with Diamond, the guy from the other church who is teaching us basically what they believe. They believe that God the mother is here on the earth and that she is in Korea. They have pictures of Her all over. To some that would sound crazy but hey so does God the Father and Jesus Christ appearing to the boy Joseph. The lesson he taught was basically why they believe in the Trinity. We stated our views and it was amazing how the spirit guided the lesson. We asked if he believed that God will answer prayers through the Holy Ghost. He said “yes” so we read Moroni chapter 10: 4-5 with him and basically told him that if he wants the truth from God he could pray about it.
We were also able to catch up with a few people we have been trying to work with. We also got fed venison, it was a good day.

Wednesday we got to go help do car inspections, it was petty fun but took up our whole morning. It was alright because we drove right by the only Costa Vida in the mission so we stopped by and had lunch. 😊 

Thursday we went and helped with car inspections again but in Olathe. It was weird but fun to be in Olathe again since I spent a year of my mission there. But as we were leaving lunch we ran into a deaf member of the Olathe 3rd ward where E Martinez served for 6 months. So it was definitely a “Divine Coincidence”.
We had another lesson with Kayla this week. As we were pulling up, a girl who was probably 17 knocked on the door we were knocking on. We debated what to do and we decided to go and talk to her anyway. The girl said that she was looking for Kayla as well. Then Kayla's mom poked her head out the door and said “Kayla will be here in a few minutes” so we just kinda sat there on her front porch waiting for Kayla. The girl really didn’t want to talk with us so we just stood in awkward silence for 4 ish minutes... it was great. But then Kayla did show up and we had a great lesson with her and it sounded like she had actually invited her friend to come listen to the message. The friend still was very disinterested but it was great to see Kayla still excited about being baptized! 
We had our Book of Mormon study class that we have every Thursday night. It was awesome more people showed up! And we get to spend the night with brother Murphy.

Fri we had Zone Conference. All the missionaries got smart phones and are now authorized to use Facebook. So it was a lot of training on how to use the technology. Elder Martinez and I gave a training as well. We pretty much made phone calls the rest of the day trying to collect information from the zone.
Saturday we cooked brother Murphy breakfast, that is always fun. He just makes everyone laugh and he roasted Elder Martinez. It was super funny. We found a few people knocking around. We even accidentally knocked into a member of the ward.  We did service last week for a family in the Independence 1st ward so today they took us to an old diner that serves chili. But they also do all you can eat tacos. :) We had a little eating competition and we ate 12 tacos, it was a good day. Later, Brother Rogers took us to an original KC BBQ joint that was super good as well.

Sunday - Brother Bruce, a less active we have really been working with, gave a talk in sacrament meeting and brought his girlfriend to church! It was awesome. Then another member brought his non-member girlfriend to church. We visited with both of them and we are going to start teaching them the lessons! 

It was a great week here in Independence. Thank you all so much. I love it here and I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve here.

Elder Jensen

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