Saturday, December 16, 2017

Week 98

Area: Raytown Ward 
Companion: Elder Martinez

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Elder Kenneth Jensen
Missouri Independence Mission
517 W Walnut St
Independence, MO 64050

We are going to the zoo today, so sorry if I don't get back to anyone.

Tuesday- Got to go on an exchange with Elder Smith! We have served around each other before, but we had a blast with each other and got to teach a lot of really cool people in the Inde 3rd Ward!

Wednesday- Had dinner with some really spunky old people, they're what I hope my wife and I become eventually. Finally made it back to the ASL class! I hadn't really gotten to go in a while since Elder Martinez got moved in but everything lined up so I got to go. We ended the night with good ole Kim McBroom, we stop by every week to check on him. He's a cool guy who used to investigate the church but now we just visit with him and he reads scriptures with us and plays the guitar so it's always refreshing. He always says the craziest stuff and it’s awesome.

Thursday- Went on another exchange but with Elder Martinson. He was my companion last transfer for two weeks so it was awesome to spend some time with him again. He is an awesome missionary who loves the work! We got to take out a young man, Dion, who just put his mission papers in. We didn't snag any pics though... but a day with Martinson in Raytown was good enough memory for me. 

Fri - Not a whole lot happened as far as proselyting. Right as we started our comp study we got a call from an investigator that we hadn’t been able to get a hold of for a while. He talked at us for a whole hour. And the long and short of it was he wanted to know when church was. Then we got connected on Facebook and he, while speaking to me on the phone, sent all sorts of pictures. Stuff from his trips and vacations to family photos and all sorts of different things. Then he asked for a picture of me and I didn’t exactly feel comfortable doing that so I told him he can just see my picture on my profile. So he found it and said "You know you're a pretty good looking young man. Alright I saved that picture to my phone now so I will always have it." Kinda weird, kinda creepy but whatever, it’s all a part of the mission life. 

Saturday- Got "kidnapped" by a member who always takes us out for lunch and dinner but he had to "kidnap" us because he wanted to take us to an amazing Italian buffet way far away and he knew we wouldn't let him go there if we knew.. but it was well worth it! I'm still stuffed! Later on we went back to the Church of God.. it was definitely interesting and we learned quite a bit more about what they believe. Then I’m pretty sure he asked us to be baptized and join their church. We told him our stance and we would stay in the church and he pretty much told us we were wrong, but all is well. We left on really good terms and gave him a restoration pamphlet.

Our zone had a new plan this week to do a "Miracle Power Hour". So every companionship between the hour of 3-4 would pray for miracles and work with everything they had in a specific finding activity. It was truly awesome to see how much the Lord blesses His children, we had so many little and big miracles. The missionaries loved it. Definitely something we will do again.

It was a great week. We got to share the gospel, knock a few doors, teach a couple lessons, and feel the outpouring of the spirit. Thank you for all you do to support and uplift others and myself! See ya later!
Me Shaving a GBBM (Good-looking Bald-headed Black Man) aka Patrick Murphy

Elder Jensen

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