Saturday, December 16, 2017

Week 99

Area: Raytown Ward
Companion: Elder Martinez

Email address:  

Mailing Address:
Elder Kenneth Jensen
Missouri Independence Mission
517 W Walnut St
Independence, MO 64050

Hope your turkeys had a good Thanksgiving!

Monday- The Zoo! It was so awesome! I love all the animals, so I'm always torn because I feel like they need to be freed but they're so cute and have life pretty good there. But it was a blast! Personal favorites were the penguins, elephants and cheetahs.

Tuesday- Had a couple meetings in the morning then for dinner we hit up a Mexican restaurant with a member and had some fried ice cream.. it was super good. Then we went to more meetings and saw Kim McBroom to finish off the night. He is a good guy but you never know what’s going to happen when you go over.

Wednesday- Helped a member hulk a fridge from one house to another. It was kinda cold, I guess you could say it was pretty "frigid". Then had some stellar district meetings. Later on I got to go to the ASL class since my companion teaches it. It was pretty fun. I really enjoy learning

Thursday- Thanksgiving was awesome as ever. We had a really awesome lunch with the Maupin family. Elder Martinez told them that he was the favorite child in his family and they doubted so they called his mom right then and there and his mom totally supported the statement... I didn’t say whether or not I was the favorite, but we all know 😏

Friday- We hit up a Chinese buffet and guess who was there? The Inde 4th Elders! (Who is one of my past companions) Then right when we were almost done the lady told us someone paid for us! We're not even in Utah! Is this what it's like to serve in Utah? Later that evening we did some baptismal interviews, I got to interview the father of a family and it was so awesome to see someone with a strong testimony like his!

Saturday- Exciting stuff! I got a training call so I’m going to be a Dad my last transfer! Four other elders and I drove up to Liberty, Missouri to the mission home where the mission president and the assistants trained us on how to train. Later that night we went to the Christmas devotional and watched the lighting of the visitor's center. It made for a fun night.

Sunday- We had an amazing breakfast for dinner, it was super good. It was a pretty stellar way to end the week.

It was a really good week, but because of the holiday nobody was home or they didn’t really want to talk to us. So not much happened missionary work wise. Either way it was a fun week. This weekis transfers and I am more than likely leaving. I’m sad to leave Raytown but I will go where I am called.

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