Sunday, April 2, 2006

Dog Video

Our department recently got the ok for two dogs. This is going to be a big deal, since we currently have no dogs. Our last dog retired a while back and wasn't being used much the last few years anyway. The two new dogs will be bite and drug dogs. Cpl. Fish has made a video of some of the training they have been doing with the dogs. It's pretty cool. I hope you enjoy the bite footage.


Ok slight change here. If you want to see the dog vid, go to Cpl. Fish's Website, the link is on the side here.


  1. There was a girlfriend when I was little who\'s Dad was a K-9 cop.  First time I learned about them.  I know those dogs could rip my head off but they are so damn cute with that freakin\' badge on their collar.

  2. Hey we should get Fish to tell everyone ehy they 240s dog "spark nasty". lol   maybe not.