Monday, April 24, 2006

Personality type

There is a fairly easy way to find out what trait you are. Just ask yourself these questions. Try not to answer them the way you want to be but be truthful to yourself, and answer them the way you are. 



Generally are you more Competitive, or more Laid back?


     If  you’re more competitive then, do you usually Tell people what to do, or try to Persuade them to do something?

           If it's Tell, then it's likely you are the Dominant personality; if it's Persuade then you’re more likely to be the influencer. 



     If your more Laid back then overall do you tend to Let things go, or are you ore of a Perfectionist

          If your tend to let things go your probably a Steadfast person. If your more of a perfectionist your likely to be the compliant person. 




Most people are the steadfast. Now just because your a steadfast doesn't mean you don’t have moments of being the dominant or the influencer, or even the compliant, it just means that your basic personality is steadfast. The same goes for all 4 personality traits. 



     Dominant personality is pretty much what it sounds like. These are the people that want to be in Charge. They have a strong personality, and tend to jump into things without thinking sometimes.



     Influencer personality really like there friends, and they like to BS a lot. They are the ones that will try to convince you of something. You can tell an influencer by the way they keep their car, usually messy and unorganized. They have really good people skills. 



     Steadfast are the Mommies. They take care of others, and are usually willing to help. They like there things, and Family is pretty important. They don't like confrontations; however they can stand there ground when needed. 



     Compliant are the perfectionists. They are really good at keeping things in order, and usually file everything imaginable. They are also a strong personality trait. Going by the book is really important to the compliant, sometimes to the loss of using common sense.  


The reason it's important for me to know these, is that there are certain wants and needs more predominant in each personality, and knowing this can really help in trying to get a confession out of someoone that has done something illegal. There was a lot more in this class than just personality traits. Such as how to tell if somoeone is lying to you, and a lot of body language that people use when they are lying. It was a very interesting class, and I plan on using what I have learned.


  1. I think I really am an influencer.  Cool kindof.  The BS and the messy car are right on the mark.  ; )

  2. What if I don\'t know if I\'m laid-back or competitive?

  3. If you don\'t know then your going to be the Laid Back type.

  4. Is it possible to be steadfast AND compliant?  I\'ll admit that I
    AM a neat freak and yet try not to get into too much shit.  Take

  5. Yes, we all have aspects of each of these, but one is usually more predominant than the others.

  6. I\'m more steadfast than anything; probably why i became a teacher.