Saturday, April 1, 2006

April Fool's

Ok, so it’s a new month. I thought I would reset the counter and see how many visits I get in a month. Sounds like a good idea anyway. So if you visit my site, and read this then be sure to leave a shout out in the comments for me.


I’m currently working on the new Taser video, it is almost done. Just needs a few more refining touches, and I need the file lodge to hurry up and fix there server so I can post it on my site. I think everyone in the class has seen the first video and made a conscious effort not to scream out like we did. There are still some funny ones, and of course it still hurts like hell. As soon as I can it will be up.


Let’s see on a more family oriented topic, my son had his pinewood derby races this last week. He didn’t win, but he came in 4th or 5th out of 22 kids. He was pretty happy about that. His car is looks like a log with a beaver driving. They give out an award to all the kids, and he got ‘The best Log Ride”. I thought it was funny but he wasn’t too impressed with the award. I think he really wanted to win the contest. We had fun, and there are some pictures here to prove it.



oops guess I can't add the photos just yet, will have to do that later


  1. Shout out!  : )

  2. Well now that\'s pretty sad, only one... thanks Squee, but wow.... only one.